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Phantasmata Ex Machina, part 3: Nocturne :iconthearcanemaster:TheArcaneMaster 0 0
character study: noirtrait in black and white
Touch had become both addiction and anathema
in either case, elusive and often cut with caustic adulterants
like the diary of a dope fiend, laced with clever words and witty turns
insightful, creative, moving, cynical, and deprecating
scribbling on in between beeps and chimes
insanely developed eye musculature
years of squinting, screens, and reading in the dark.
and the darting of non-blinking madness and time-slipping mania
Despite the near-sighted squint of years constantly losing his glasses,
he could see quite a lot with a clarity which alarmed him when compared to the aggressibely myopic fog most people
seemed perfectly content to trudge about in, noisily as possible, in true American fashion.
Loud and oblivious, convinced of their own righteous superiority.
And they feared sight so much they’d rather cut out their own eyes than open them to simple facts
which had become the equivalent of Medusa’s head in popular culture
fulsome, lethal, and used to fend off sea monst
:iconthearcanemaster:TheArcaneMaster 0 0
Mature content
Phantasmata Ex Machina: The Abject + The Apparatus :iconthearcanemaster:TheArcaneMaster 0 0
Mature content
Still Lives and Landscapes: a self portrait, pt1 :iconthearcanemaster:TheArcaneMaster 0 0
Phantasmata Ex Machina, Part 2: A Ghost Story
“You can listen to space now.
Electromagnetic frequencies converted to .wav format. People put them on youtube for meditation tracks. They say it can make you focus. Contradictory. Just like these regions beyond the reach of our human perception. All this emptiness. And yet things are occurring out there. (In here.)
Collisions, motion, chemical reactions. Light and dust, things half formed or decomposing all traveling through the substance, or lack thereof, we call space.
And is it infinite? And does it matter? Do any of these things in form and motion matter?
To what end is all this inertia? All the emergence and disappearance? The seemingly mindless intelligence animating the algorithmic manifestations of that which becomes intelligible, or at least perceptible? It seems possible that the idea of purpose, universal or otherwise, could be an exclusively human construct. Perhaps we need that in order to navigate our particular positioning in the matrix of time, space, and possibi
:iconthearcanemaster:TheArcaneMaster 0 0
Phantasmata Ex Machina, Part 3: Nocturne
The downspout's steady and constant percolation seemed a bit deceptive once it occurred to him that the rain itself had swelled and dispersed like the tides, storms, eccentric orbits of rogue electrons, combustion reactions, and just about everything else in the universe subject to the ebb and flow of emergence and dissolution.  Disillusionment at any rate.  That he understood far better than the vagaries of physics and mysticism. Well,  he supposed he liked a clear Autumn night as much as anyone, with crisp stillness and lunar refraction particular to the high desert regions of the world.  But this was nice too.  He'd thrown open the windows and turned off the lights, breathing in the scent of rain and letting his lips curl in a very slight and secret smile at the coolness of the subtle night breeze.  
He reveled in the silence beyond the trickle from the downspout and the trees outside the big window.  
Beyond that, empty streets and freeways.
:iconthearcanemaster:TheArcaneMaster 0 0
Anarchism by TheArcaneMaster
Mature content
Anarchism :iconthearcanemaster:TheArcaneMaster 0 0
After the Bar
Puddles on oil rain slicked streets are perfect for scrying
(divination for lonely ghosts, haunted by their histories)
and if you're fortunate enough to have another pair of shoes
(even though they're not the right shoes so the boys won't kiss you)
you may as well jumping jack splash those placid droplet-kissed onyx pools
[ (like her eyes
and his eyes)
darkfire, witchfire, a frightening and sensuous hell like me
i haunt these streets at night, learning their curves and cracks
(old friends now, ten hoar frosts since i rode into the desert )
weaving spells, casting them upon myself
(that's the secret of art; you work the change upon your own essence
all else proceeds thereafter)
And MY language
(a leaf, an ember, cigarettes and streetlights)
the voice of the dispossessed, the song of spirits who quit their houses
to wander the vacant lots, the places where sound reverberates
(a resonance understood by solitary travelers
they speak that frequency, you see)
is forbidden in the lighted plac
:iconthearcanemaster:TheArcaneMaster 0 4
Hagios by TheArcaneMaster
Mature content
Hagios :iconthearcanemaster:TheArcaneMaster 1 0
Rejuvenation by TheArcaneMaster
Mature content
Rejuvenation :iconthearcanemaster:TheArcaneMaster 0 0
428714 10100353028789387 1086795499 N by TheArcaneMaster
Mature content
428714 10100353028789387 1086795499 N :iconthearcanemaster:TheArcaneMaster 0 0
The Device
It's to hurt if it's to heal
my stern and sensible advice
to skin laced with scarlet weals
the recompense for being nice
the dawn's own peculiar mercy
before the stabbing rays of sun
like words, spoken seared so tersely,
a blade to cauterize the burn
would be the least of courtesy
from the driver of the screws
the lash cannot hurt so much as the dirt they
spit in my face and my smoldering  wounds
before they shot me from the tower
condemned me, thinking i would die,
spoke to me things reserved for lovers
the prettiest of lovers' lies
tis not the words which have the power
the venom spit into my eyes
the arsenal of cutting weapons
of which language is comprised
an incisive pointy reckoning
is the sugar in my tea
silence is a far more cruel device
than words will ever be
Lacerations and abrasions
contusions laced with salt
it's true that on occasion
these things are my own fault
It's to hurt if it's to heal
no words, no sensible advice
won't serve me now to croon or creel
the silenc
:iconthearcanemaster:TheArcaneMaster 0 1
Connexion, redefined by TheArcaneMaster
Mature content
Connexion, redefined :iconthearcanemaster:TheArcaneMaster 1 0
Love is War by TheArcaneMaster Love is War :iconthearcanemaster:TheArcaneMaster 0 0 Anteros the Avenger by TheArcaneMaster Anteros the Avenger :iconthearcanemaster:TheArcaneMaster 0 0 Amor Digitalis (Love in Digital) by TheArcaneMaster Amor Digitalis (Love in Digital) :iconthearcanemaster:TheArcaneMaster 1 0



TheArcaneMaster's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
Adjectives: Radical, uninhibited, creative, wicked, sensual, fiercely hedonistic, unabashed, unconventional, provocative, weird, subversive

Influences: Postmodernism, sociology, queer theory, gender studies, dance, critical engagement, body technique, philosophy, postcolonialism.

Media: Photography(model and artistic director), Music (vox, piano, harpsichord, synth, mandolin, etc.), Visual Art (collage, oil pastel, weird sculpture, body modification[scalpel]

Check out, in the gallery, the set titled "Power Play." It's sort of a mixed media photo-essay that explores power and sexuality. A must-see for gender studies geeks.

Also: If you love KICKASS PHOTOMANIPULATION, go check out my friend's awesome pieces here:

Current Residence: Albuquerque, NM
Favourite genre of music: Progressive, post tonal, EBM, industrial, synthpop, powernoise
Favourite photographer: Rip Williams
Favourite style of art: surrealism, collage
Operating System: Deus
Shell of choice: ex Machina
Wallpaper of choice: i hope someone got my Deus ex Machina joke
Skin of choice: smooth
Favourite cartoon character: Zim
Personal Quote: "Who's to be held accountable for this FUTURE FISH?!"

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